Land of Goddesses


Ixchel or Ix Chel (pronounced as [iʃˈtʃel]) is the Maya goddess mostly connected with medicine, fertility and pregnancy and therefore she is considered to be the guardian of doctors, midwives, healers and shamans. She is associated with the moon (particularly its waning phase), earth, water especially in the form of rain, weaving, divination and war. Her name probably comes from the stem ‘chel’ meaning rainbow, it was written with a pictogram signifying ‘red’ and that is why she is called  Lady of the Rainbow.


Not many myths about her remained until recent times. According to one of the legends she was married to Itzamna and had thirteen sons with him, two of them were the creators of heaven and earth. In another version she is the wife of earth god Voltan. There is also the legend which claims that she created the world together with Feathered…

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Divine Timing in Chaos, Flowing

Since Daniel and I met in 2010 we’ve come face to face with some pretty heavy shifts, changes, obstacles and lessons. We learned soon in our journey that we felt like we were pushing and pushing and pushing for things to happen and nothing would flourish. When we first felt the energy we were in California and we shifted completely out of the state, to a state where we had no friends or family. I fought it at first, I won’t lie. Then Spirit started hitting me with obvious signs. Colorado license plates everywhere, Colorado on the radio, Colorado on TV, Colorado in the movies we watched… It was crazy!

Fast forward to 2016. We started noticing the same energy. People and businesses we tried to collaborate with wouldn’t support us, wouldn’t share posts, buy products or be a beneficial partner in events and collaboration efforts. One day it all hit me. I stepped back out of frustration and got still and silent. I asked myself, “When was the last time you experienced something like this?” The answer was loud and clear, CALI. That was the exact moment I accepted the call to this 3rd life shift.

Most people don’t take the time to know that we chose Colorado for several reasons, not just marijuana legalization. We’ve always wanted a family, we knew we needed to heal, we knew we needed healthy space from our families and we knew we both loved nature. The day that marijuana was recreationally legalized came about a year after we had privately made the decision to migrate to Colorado and about a month after we announced it to our parents. When we read the news that recreational passed, we were already in Colorado headed to Estes Park to scope out areas of the state we were most drawn to.

Like many shifts in life we planned our little hearts out and most of it fell through. We counted on money from different places coming in at certain times, that fell through. I planned on getting a job as soon as we got here, that fell through. We planned on getting land in the mountains, that fell through. And there are times in life when you think

“Shit! I’m so sick and tired of everything I’m planning falling through!”

We’ve been there before too. The beautiful part about plans that fall through and feeling like our world is crashing down on us is the aftermath.

It’s hardly felt like divine timing when our plans have fallen through until this year. 2017 has had a ton of major lessons and epiphany’s for us and it’s only April! But the one thing we can say is that all the failed attempts opened the way for new energy, new messages and clarification of our soul purpose to come through! We’ve got some major shifts in the works for Zion Glory as a business, family and community that we’re bursting at the seems to tell you about!

Check out our most recent live video webinar, The Shift and Flow, to get some of the bread crumbs we’re dropping about our upcoming shifts and how we’ve learned to flow with plans falling through to allow our soul purpose to take foundation!

Life Shifts, Memories & Movement

I think everyone has a favorite update on at least one of their most used social apps. For me, it’s the “On This Day” timeline on Facebook. I love being able to scroll through all of the posts from the same day for the years prior that I’ve had Facebook and see what I was going through, what has changed, have I grown, have I stayed the same, do I have a different perspective. It’s more of a self check for my growth.

Then there’s days like today when I see pictures of my husband and I; 5 years ago we were publishing our Engagement Photos just a few days before we were scheduled to get married. I’ve been recollecting on that time. Only us and our 2 witnesses knew that we were getting married in a couple days because we got so fed up with all the drama that comes with planning a “traditional” wedding. 5 years ago, we were already feeling that particular tradition wasn’t for us, we didn’t feel like the plans were anything close to what we wanted. We just weren’t feeling it. It was almost like the excitement and love we had for each other was being drained by those around us who wanted THEIR vision of OUR marriage to be priority. So we decided to get married without telling anyone.

It was liberating. It was also tough to hear and see people not happy for us because we chose to do our own thing that resonated with us. But it was liberating because it was our first BIG decision as a solid unit and we knew that the first big decision we made needed to be in our best interest and something we both wanted in order to have a solid foundation in our relationship. Over the last 5 years we’ve built and added to that foundation by doing what ultimately always works for us but also by being well rounded. By that I mean, we still feel out other people’s opinions and ask for feedback before we decide on what we’re going to do.

I can see by looking back at our “On This Day” on Facebook that our lives have been so beautiful with the way we’ve decided to walk them. And just like 5 years ago we’re working on a big shift that most people would try to talk us out of with projections of fear and insecurity. It feels amazing to not have space to receive any of that, discuss it amongst ourselves and be like…

“YUP! This is what we’re going to do! DONE!

Sky Is The Limit? That’s It?!

How many times growing up did you hear a parent or teacher say, “What do you want to be when you grow up? Sky’s the limit!” like it was big enough to hold your dreams? I’m a firm believer in no limits besides the ones you set for yourself. I hear that now and think

“Wow. The sky used to seem so big. Now it seems too small for that purpose!”

Over the past 5 years I’ve grown in ways I never imaged. I’ve realized things about my past, memories and feelings that I didn’t understand until I was where I’m at, spiritually, now. When I started writing this today I had a picture of the Universe that I wanted to share and I planned on making a point to say that the Universe is the limit. During my spiritual growth spurt I’ve learned to pay attention to the words I’m using and “limit” carries an energy that has held me back.

The definition of “limit” is (1) a point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass (2) a restriction on the size or the amount of something permissible or possible. My message I leave you with today is…


December Duty: YOUR Skin is Calling!

Now we’ve talked about not allowing your self care to fall off during the holiday season and we want you to know we mean it. We also want you to know that we care about your wellness.

Self care can come in so many forms and fashions that it would be foolish of us to say “This is the only and best way to take or yourself.” But what we can say is that this is exactly for who it is reaching. If you’ve found yourself opening this blog or scrolling past another discount from our shop and that bothers you… Do something about it. We know that every business and store has been bombarding you with Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday discounts. Zion Glory remains consistent. We don’t wait for these days to offer you discounts or an opportunity to get a FREE Lip Love Membership. We’ve been doing this for MONTHS, consistently. Because this is what we want you to expect of us.

Expect that we’re going to keep reminding you to take care of yourself and love yourself first. Expect that we’re going to keep offering discounts on a monthly basis. Expect that the root of our intentions is always to put natural healing and ancient remedies in your homes. Expect that, without knowing you personally, we love you enough to put love, purity, and light into every product and service listed on the store. And hold us to those expectations!


Remember. Remember that you have this silent support team. Remember that all of our products have several uses and some pain or discomfort you’re experiencing, we likely have a remedy for. Remember that JUST LIKE YOU, we have goals and dreams. And JUST LIKE YOU, we need the support of our communities to make those things happen.

One last thing to remember. We walk the walk.


In honor of showing support to other business owners, supporting someone else’s goals and dreams, in honor of collaborations and community support… We’re featuring Tashia, a fellow entrepreneur, herbalist, writer and artist. We met Tashia virtually about a year ago and have had the opportunity to experience her intoxicating and grounding candle magic!


Tashia is the owner of the blog, Earth, Wind and Curls. A completely accurate and flowing description of her energy and beauty! As a fellow writer, I enjoy her use of words and how they so accurately reflect her energy! Just like us, there are so many layers to her and her blog! AND… December is her birth month!! So help me in showing her blog some love, light and support by visiting, sharing and supporting her business, Earth, Wind and Finds. You’ll find that her products are gorgeous but they’re much more powerful than they are pretty; which is a high bar to surpass!


The featured image of this blog is one of our products next to this exclusive Enlightened Ones: Golden Lotus Votive Set with an intuited candle blend just for our home and family! Now think about this. We live in Colorado, this goddess is in Maryland; she was still able to tap into the fact that Zion Glory’s owners needed grounding so she crafted our candle order to what we needed! And to make you’re shopping just a little sweeter this month:

For the ENTIRE month of December we’re giving you 30% OFF anything in the Zion Glory store! This level of a discount is something we only offer to our Affiliate so be sure to take advantage and stock up on your skin care and healing supplies before December 31st when the offer expires. You can use code DECDUTY at checkout!

How To Do YOU in Gratitude Through the Holidays

Some of you may celebrate the common US Holidays around this time; Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years are some. And in our experience, we’ve seen so many people trying to squeeze loved ones, gratitude and giving all into 2-3 months at the end of the year. We’ve done it ourselves!

So we felt it was especially important for us to remind you to LOVE YOU this holiday season! Remember to keep your self care routine up. Whether you take a long spiritual bath once a week, or daily, just remember to keep up on what makes you feel relaxed, grounded and refreshed. If you workout weekly or daily, add some Headache and Sleep Aid to your cool down period and allow your muscles to soak up the healing of the Earth for relaxation and grounding.

Which also means it’s time for you to STOP, type in this discount code, and do some holiday shopping, while saving 25%, with YOU in mind!



When Zion Glory owners started this journey, that developed into a business, our intent was to heal our physical ailments. Migraines, pain, nerve damage and insomnia to name a few. We had no idea that these physical things were related to emotional and spiritual ailments we hadn’t dealt with in a very long time. Over the past 4 years we’ve come to realize that physical, emotional and spiritual healing are all collectively part of our human experience.

Here are some ways to DO YOU this holiday season and remaining filled with gratitude:


Some of us know when we are going some where or going to be around certain energies that are going to trigger us. be proactive this holiday season! Use your tools like sage and crystals to protect your energy before dipping into those situations.


No matter where you may find yourself this winter, take time to hug a tree or connect your feet with the Earth. You may notice that we stress this quite frequently. The reason for that is because we’ve learned and continue to learn this lesson. Migrating to Colorado was a huge change from the California “winters”. We started noticing that our energy was off balance when we didn’t make an effort to get outside and enjoy nature regularly. In this space we experienced more frequent sickness and excessive laziness so STAY ACTIVE!


We’ve come to realize that when we love people deeply, there is a potential for those people to trigger unresolved things within ourselves. So when you feel that fire rise up in you, take some deep breathes and REFLECT. Why did that trigger you? Why are you feeling the emotion you’re feeling?


Work through those triggers and emotions so you can enjoy the company of your loved ones, create new memories and laugh about old ones!


There’s no doubt that you will run across someone who doesn’t completely vibe with something you say, feel or believe. THAT’S OK and natural! During our lessons we’ve been told to stand down on our position, respect others by shutting our mouth and that’s not what we’re saying to do. You know why? Because we know what it feels like to suppress ourselves and what we feel. We’ve had to do the healing to repair the damage it’s done. So stand firm in love this season when dealing with your loved ones.

All of this healing is the reason why you see skin care products, personal care products and crystals on our website! Our skin care products are made from natural ingredients that come from the earth, just as crystals are formed by and come from the Earth. And when we create the products that end up in your homes, in the hands of the ones you love and in your personal spaces, we keep all this in mind. When we create we involve all the elements. Even if you’re not purchasing crystals from us, your products have already been infused with their energy and OURS.

We say all this to remind you that we are with YOU. As you support us with your ongoing purchases, we channel our ancestors and higher selves to bring you the energy, healing and tools you need to tap into the darkest parts of yourself and heal. There is no reason for you to put YOUR healing on hold because of holiday’s or anything else.


5 Things To Do While the Taurus Super Moon is in VOID

In our home and business we like to align our rituals around the moon. Part of the reason for this is because our individual astrology has strong moon forces in it and we’ve been taking the time to research the phases of the moon, their energies and meanings when they’re moving in and out of different planets. We’ve come to find out that there are phases of the moon that are void, in this space the energy of the moon and it’s powers are blocked or inactive so the things you may be planting are less likely to take root.

Today’s Full Moon is the Super Moon in Taurus which will not happen for another 30+ years! So we wanted to make sure that the rituals we’ve planned out to plant seeds during this time are properly scheduled! And guess what we found?! Today the moon is void until 6:22 pm MST. Not to worry!!! We know many of you are pumped to set intentions and continue with your rituals but we also want you to plant them in fertile space!

So we’ve compiled a list of some suggestions about what you can do to pass the time and prepare for the crops you’re about to plant after 6:22 pm MST:


When we’re talking about energy it’s good to remember that ever thing and space has an energy flow to it. Today, while you’re waiting for the moon to move through the void, take some time to clean up your space, put things where they belong or move any furniture or household items that you may feel would improve the flow of your space. If you planning a spiritual bath, deep clean your bathroom, bring in plants and sacred scents to bring in the Earth element, Taurus, while you submerge in the Water element, Scorpio.

By doing this is can help to clear that list of things-to-do sitting in the back of your mind so when the moon moves out of void your focus is clear and flowing!


We all have this ongoing list of things-to-do and the positive side of that is that EVERY THING can be put on hold for you to make space for your self care routines and spiritual rituals; that list will be there when you’re done. Setting up for your rituals or even just decorating a space on the floor with your journal, crystals, some plants, glass of water and essential oil would be a great use of energy! This way, when the moon moves out of void you can go straight to your space and CREATE!!


So many of us jump up in the morning and get our day going because of that list of things-to-do that is always running and forget to ground. Grounding in the sense of your energy to the earth. Many of us sleep so far away from the ground, when you really thing about it, and we forget to get our feet in the dirt and connect to the energy of Mother Earth! The Super Moon is in Taurus, which is an Earth sign! The connection is strong today! So get OUT! Go get your feet in the grass or dirt, stand in the sun, hug a tree, talk to some flowers but GET OUT and GROUND!


That list, of things-to-do, you’ve gotten rid of it by now right? At least lessened the weight of importance it might have had when you started reading? Believe me I understand, some things on that list really seem like they NEED to happen right at that time. Work around the things that are pre-scheduled commitments and make an effort to do even just a couple of the things on this list and break. Break from worrying, break from stressing, break from processing and rechecking that list. Be still. Breathe deep. Exhale.


One of the things that has been so essential in switching my stressing and negative thoughts was the creation of my Positivity Jars. I took 2 medium glass vases and made a decorated sign with ‘Positivity Jar’ on it and placed 1 in our living room and 1 in our bedroom along with a pad of post-its and a pen. Anytime I start worrying about situations, doubting myself, or catch myself having some type of negative energy about anything I walk over to the closest one and write down something positive with the date.

Physically walking over makes me realize the level of energy that negativity carries. Seeing myself walk over to the beautifully decorated jar makes me smile and instantly starts to shift that energy. Seeing and feeling myself writing and thinking the positive love I’m adding to the jar makes me feel accomplished! And on days when the energy is dark and deep, all it takes is walking over to the jar and pulling out some love to remind me of my power. TRY IT! I’m sure you’ll make it you’re own in some kind of way!

And if you feel like doing some spiritual shopping head over to Zion Glory for a balanced blend of healing products, crystals and services for your self care!




Therapeutic Sessions

I was called to skin care after years of practicing makeup on myself and then diving into the beauty industry. At first I loved hearing the

“You’re a miracle worker! I love the way my skin looks so glowing and dewy!”

It made me feel good initially, but I had a deeper desire to do more so people could love their skin all the time. But it took me a while just to get here. I even remember switching over from Cosmetology to Esthetics and how nervous I was to practice my first facial on one of my classmates. I thought to myself “What if I forget the flow? What if I scratch someone with my nail? What if I can’t extract their blackheads?!”

I bombarded myself with so much negative thought that it was hard for me to accept the compliments at first. My classmates would jump at the chance to be my partner during nights we practiced but it took me a long time, almost until the completion of my hours, to realize that it was because I was great at what I do! My pressure was always on point, I’m able to adjust the pressure depending on the client and for some reason I’m constantly attracted to and working out areas that resonates with each client individually.

This past weekend I had a friend who reached out to me asking about Colorado because she wanted to bring her husband to visit for his birthday. I gave recommendations and she ended up scheduling a facial with me. I was so excited! What an honor to have someone be linked with me through social media and schedule a service with me!! As I began going through the skin consultation and getting back in the flow of what I love to do I felt my soul radiate!

I loved feeling my body instinctively know what to do, my hands move how they needed to massage certain parts of the face and muscles of the body.

Bug Rub Blowout November!

Since I was a very little child I attracted bugs and insect bites. Some of you might have heard the saying,

“They like you because you have sweet blood.”

Well, that was me. As I got older they got worse. But none like the ones I got in Mexico when I was 11. It looks like I had golf balls all over my arms. It was disgusting and it hurt so bad. The closest thing to that was when I was working for the Department of Public Health for LA County.

I was about 22 years old and I disliked my job, felt under appreciate, I over worked all the time and I was constantly being single out and retaliated against for being efficient. So I decided to actually take a lunch this day. I brought my journal, my lunch and a book and picked a semi-shady table under one of the many trees that partially enclosed this employee courtyard. When I came back from lunch I started noticing an itchy sensation on both of my ankles and when I looked down I could instantly tell they were already swollen.

Being that I was so unhappy at my job I was very sick in several ways. My self esteem was down, I was insecure and I truly felt like there was something so much bigger for me but I was being held back. So I had frequent migraines, the reason for our Headache & Sleep Aid, and I had frequent anxiety attacks that kept me out of work many times. What I’m getting at is, when I asked to leave early and even showed my bites, I had already been out sick so much that my supervisor wouldn’t let me go home. She offered me asprin and tylenol but I was already moving away from western medicine and looking to more natural ways to tend to my health and that of my family. Unfortunately, that isn’t accepted by our health insurance coverage so I just felt trapped all the way around. With my ankles swollen, itchy and in pain.

Closer to the end of the day I was called to my supervisors office and I couldn’t get up from my chair because the pain in my ankles was so great. They were now red and even more swollen. It was less than an hour to go before the end of my shift for the day so she let me go. It was that day I started formulating our Bug Rub. At the time it was the simple fact that I couldn’t let bug bites keep me from going to work. I ended up being out of work for 2 days after that because I couldn’t get the swelling to go down at all.

Now I know I’m not the only one who reacts to bites like this. And what I love about the way I channeled the formula is that it ended up being good as a repellent and as a bite treatment! Plus, it might be getting cooler but we’re still seeing spiders coming out of hiding before the winter hits. So we wanted to make sure that everyone has a sufficient about of Bug Rub to be prepared!

For those of you who follow us closely, you’ll know that most of our products work even better when paired with our All Healing Rub. Our Bug Rub is NO different! So we decided to do something a little extra special with this batch! This batch of Bug Rub will have a limited supply of a special blend of All Healing Rub and Bug Rub!!! TWO products, ONE size!!! How awesome is that!?

And as if that wasn’t good enough…

You can now use BUGBEGONE to get 35% OFF!!