Want a Rise Out of ME? HA!

Have you ever met someone who didn’t get what they want, exactly how they wanted it? We’ve all experienced that right? We don’t all get what we want exactly the way we want it. But have you met those people who go out of their way, slice out big chunks of their day and waste a ton of energy trying to attack you? In this world of technology almost anyone can find us online but that also means the person trying to take jabs at you after you’ve severed the tie is pretty lonely, sad & desperate for attention. They’re sitting at home or at work fuming and angry over not getting their way, much like a child. But then to take that anger and frustration and act on it by sending emails, texts and anonymous messages seems pretty crazy! That’s what happens when we are out of balance!

You may be asking, what does balance have to do with someone wanting to get a rise out of you? Let’s be clear that I’m talking about an adult but what I described earlier sounds more like the rantings and actions of a child. In the effort to be completely transparent, the inner child in me that’s angry about someone being so mean and hateful wants to use every angle I can to ruin their life. That’s also a little of the Scorpio in me. But this isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with someone trying to get a rise out of me when they don’t truly know what I’m capable of.

Balance has everything to do with this. For example, my husband, Asad, is a fire sign and I’m water. So when he see’s me getting worked up over people like I mentioned before, he calms by waters by showing me his flame. He always lets me know he’s going to support me no matter what but then always offers a gentle Leo reminder about karma and energy. It’s like “Yes love I’ll back you 100% just remember that…” and it always cools my emotions because I know that he’ll go harder than I can imagine. For me, it’s hard not to be emotional over people I’ve genuinely tried to help and connect with when they show their true selves. Mostly because I don’t always show or express the emotional and internal dilemmas I go through when I’m trying to connect with people. I deeply care. Sometimes to the point where I’ll go toe to toe with my King over someone I barely know in the effort to keep giving them chances and giving them chances. This is where balance comes in!

In this situation, balance for me looks like not engaging with this person but internally setting a limit for what I’m going to tolerate before I lash back, in a professional manner, and stop the harassment. Balance is not allowing the hate and loneliness of a grown adult make me forget that I’m tending to a sick dog, building a home from scratch, living without running water and putting every ounce of love I have into the mission that is specific to my life journey. This ONE person isn’t greater than all that. And I don’t say that in a “I don’t care about others” type of way, I say that in a “I love myself too much to not ruin my karmic journey over YOU” type of way. No one person is greater than your soul mission, especially when your mission is crystal clear to you!

Just a little real life, real time reminder for those of you out there that might have someone so out of balance, sad, lonely and hateful that they would try to slander you over something so small. Find your balance. Determine where they fall and act accordingly!

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