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I have tons of talents and even more things that I want to try but at this point in my life I want children, to move to Colorado ASAP, to be a published writer, buy our first home, get our company active in our new community (wherever that ends up being!) and I want to grow as close as possible to God and my husband. Other than that, everything else comes 2nd.

12/31/12 – Last time I re-wrote this page my goals for this blog are listed below. In 2013 I’d still like this blog to track our move to Colorado and provide some history for our future children. However, I will be using this blog to do my writing exercises before I start working on my book each day. One of my goals (as outlined in my recent post Wrap Up 2012, Foreword to 2013) for the upcoming year is to complete my first manuscript and to set a daily writing and reading schedule to keep me on track towards my goal as well as learning and expanding what I already know. For now, that is all!

My husband and I in Colorado!
My husband and I in Colorado!

11/2012 – When I started this blog my main focus was to record our move to Colorado so our family can see what is going on in our lives and our children would one day be able to see that change can be positive even if everyone around you is trying to tell you it’s negative. I’ve been on this site since October, I believe, and already my focus for this blog has change. I’m no longer focused on trying to get my family to read it because most of them can’t make the time, fine. Now I’m using it to talk about what I’m feeling and learning and for writing practice for the book I started writing! One of my close personal goals is to get published and I will reach that goal!

21 thoughts on “Blog History

    1. It is! 8 days precisely! And it’s getting harder and harder to not look at the calendar and clock every hour secretly hoping that I passed out for like 7 days and BAM! time to go to Colorado! haha I definitely will keep updating! I don’t know how I’m going to do when we are out there, the husband doesn’t really like when I’m stuck to the screen and we’re on vacation but I will definitely be jotting down notes and taking pictures while we’re out there to update, at the very least, when we return to Cali.

    1. If I didn’t know that the Garden of Eden was in Africa I would SO agree with you about God starting in Colorado! lol That’s true it really is! I was telling my husband last week we can’t be as reserved as we are out here since we don’t know anyone out there we have to be more outgoing!

      1. We keep hearing JUST that! My friend went a couple months ago and said she was so thrown off by how nice people were being to her. So sad that we’re suspicious of people that are nice! haha

  1. Looks like I need to add Bear Lake to the many places we need to see. We’ve only been to Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park) twice since we’ve been here in June. I’ve also been to Golden once. (pics and stories in my blog posts on these places). We are originally from the suburbs of Chicago, IL, but have lived the past 20 yrs in FL and just moved to CO. It’s snowed twice since we’ve been here, but then melted. It’s in the 50s and 60s this week! I think I will like the Winters here much better than IL!

    1. Oh yes! We actually got there on a fluke! We were meeting up with a friend I met on this site and he meant for us to meet him at Bear Creek Lake in Evergreen but didn’t know there was a Bear Lake not far from us in Estes and we ended up trying to find each other with 3 hours of space between us! haha! But it was absolutely beautiful! Where in Colorado do you live? How do you like it? I heard it’s warmed up out there! I love the cold so the snow and 17 degree weather we got while we were out there was lovely! haha. What are the winters in IL like? Nothing compared to CA, we don’t even know when the seasons change here haha.

  2. Good luck on your move to the most beautiful state in the union (I may be ever so slightly biased). Love – love – LOVE it here!

    Thanks for your like on my blog, as well. Cheers!

    1. Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much! That is a major compliment! You truly made my day! I’ll be sure to follow the instructions!

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