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That One Time I Fell Off a Trailer

About a month after we purchased our land in New Mexico, my parents gifted us with a 40 ft. shipping container to use for storage. We’d been paying for a storage unit in Colorado and were feeling very disconnected and not fully able to run our business with most of our things still in Colorado. So we planned a last trip to Colorado to collect all our things from storage in August. We had just purchased a new heavy duty trailer, strong enough for us to haul water while we wait for our well to get dug, and were doing the last of the unpacking of some small items we left floating around in it. Then it started to rain.

I was in my cool clothes, tank top, cool pants, etc., even though it was technically monsoon season out here. And I was wearing my Vibrams (toe shoes). We had let down the back of the trailer and had been using it as a ramp to walk up and down before it started sprinkling.

I’m still a city girl, born and bred, and I’m still undergoing my unlearning and relearning of my Earthly powers. Although I’m a Scorpio through and through, a deep water sign, I tend to not want to get wet when I’m wearing clothes. I despise the way wet clothes feel on my body, I feel confined and sticky. Plus we’d been living out of a tent for a month and I was 100% out of my comfort zone so I started to notice that I would lean toward small comforts when I could get them. Air conditioning, running water… Being dry haha!

On the flip side of that same coin, I’ve got family members and (technically) acquaintances, we sometimes call friends, asking “How is Tina doing? Are y’all staying in a hotel?” and I’m not going to lie, I was a little offended at how fragile and rigid people thought I was. It fueled me. When the rain started coming down I thought to myself “Alright! Time to get this done so we can get in the car, LET’S GO!” I kept up my pace picking things off the floor of the trailer, one of the items was a rachet tie. When I turned around and felt my right foot slip out from under me I knew it was going to be bad so I guess I tried to brace myself. I felt myself hit the ramp of the trailer and I was in so much pain I couldn’t even cry.

All the voice, power, conviction had left me. It made me think of the time I fell running up the stairs when I first started dating my King. Back in my Cali days I just laid there and wished I could disappear so I didn’t have to see his reaction to my fall lol This time I had nothing to let out the pain was so deep. When I finally caught my breath I rolled over onto my stomach and started to cry softly, little by little louder and louder the more I paid attention for my pain. Eventually I found this gash in my arm from my weight falling straight onto the metal rachet I was carrying and it was bleeding like crazy. I thought to myself,

“Well… You wanted to see how powerful this All Healing Rub is! Here it goes! Get to healing!”

I picked my ass up off that trailer ramp, everything that touched my skin down to my clothes was shooting pain all throughout my body but I didn’t want my King to baby me. I encouraged him to finish while I went to clean the cut and tend to it. I came back, still in pain, crying, cut bandaged up, All Healing Rub in hand and ready to get on the road to our last trip to Colorado. That moment and what followed after was liberating! I had already created something that was perfect to stop bleeding, clean open cuts and address the pain that I made several years before being here in this moment, cut, bleeding and in pain! Over the next few weeks I applied the rub liberally and I shared my story with people we met who asked me. I had bruises all the way up my arm, as you can see, so I was happy to see that the more I talked about it the more I laughed about it.

Through my healing process I’ve learned to take ownership of where I could have done better and this was a HUGE learning experience for me. I knew better. I knew that rain meant slippery but I wasn’t thinking about that before I stepped on the ramp and ate it, bad. LOL! Honestly, that’s common sense! I had no one to blame but myself and trust me, I tried to blame the rain!

Balance. Balance taught me that even if something hurt I can smile and laugh about it too. Balance taught me that yes I was thinking about completing the task but not thinking about safety while completing it. Balance taught me to stop fighting the falls and ROLL WITH IT! I’m convinced that if I would have made an effort to roll I wouldn’t have split my arm open. Balance taught me that sometimes peoples fragile ass opinions of you can make you stronger and give you fuel to push harder. Balance taught me that I’ll have plenty more practice perfecting this lesson and whether I’m physically or spiritually falling, tuck and roll is the best bet!!

Balance taught me STRENGTH in weakness!!

Since this lesson has been one of the main energies I’ve been learning about for the last 32 years I’ve decided to offer an amazing new course focused on Mastering the Energy of Divine Balance! Check it out HERE!



New to HerbMentor.com

While I’ve been researching for herbs for pain and nerve relief I came across this HerbMentor website and my husband strongly suggested that it would be a good investment for our business. Since I’m constantly trying to research herbs to improve and develop Zion Glory’s products we thought it would be a good way for me to be involved in a community of people who have and are sharing this information. I’m still new to the site but they do offer a 14 day trial for $1 and a monthly membership rate of $10 if you don’t want to pay for the entire year. 

Today I went ahead and downloaded the Home Study Guide and I’m super excited! I’ll be journaling my lessons about the herbs and my growth using this blog so I hope you enjoy!

Share The Soul With No Fear

A recent disagreement with my husband reaffirmed something for me that is very new. I’ve been reading Theta Healing by Vianna Stibal and learning how our beliefs aren’t always healthy and how they can contradict themselves. We don’t always notice the discrepancies but when you take a moment to pick apart your beliefs, you’ll see it. I started seeing it in other people first as a defense mechanism but that mirror eventually gets turned around.

I’ve realized that I love to write and when I came out to Colorado I was going to pursue my dreams and I ended up putting that on hold. I love my job at the University Library and I love to think about it when I’m not there but I love writing more. And I have much to share and much to learn from writing.

I’m so happy that I’m at a point in my life where I love my job and I’m pursuing writing. This week my manager saw my Poets & Writer’s magazine sitting on my desk and ended up telling me that he used to be part of a writing group! He told me they used to subscribe to the magazine so they could read up on the calls. I had no idea what calls were. Because this is my 2nd issue and after I cracked the first one I never opened it again. Became so caught up in my exciting new path at my exciting new job that I was focused on just that.

But last night I realized I wasn’t completely happy and I tried to put that off on my husband when it’s nowhere near his fault. I’m the one that stopped pursuing what I loved because it started to become too real. There is no way I came all the way out to Colorado to get scared and run away from what my soul is craving.

I’ll be published soon.

Positivity & Persistence

From February 25th to September 3, 2013 I was unemployed. Thinking back on my upbringing I realize how much of a struggle it was to allow myself not to have a job. Working for Los Angeles County was a blessing for the period of my life that I worked there and I learned many things that prepared me for this new chapter of life. Although I may not have always been happy, I see now that happiness does not come from your situation. Happiness is something that we bring into the world from what is in our hearts. I can attest to how hard it is to have joy in your heart when you feel like you’re a complete outcast. But I can also attest to the amazing love that comes from finding someone just like you in the most unexpected place.

My 7 month vacation ended with a job offer from CU Denver in the Medical Library. I had been working with a reiki master for a short time and when I told her about the second interview I was invited to she reminded me of how powerful my thoughts were. I was just learning about healing crystals and I learned that citrine was a stone used for manifestations. I forgot to take the stone in with me to the interview but I did not let that stop my thoughts. When I received a tour after my second interview this is what I thought, “This will be my desk”, “That is where I’m going to sit”, “This is the person I’m going to be supervising”, “this is what I’m going to be doing everyday!”. When I left the library that day I had this warmth and happiness in my heart and a feeling that the job was already mine. Then came the call a few days later. And I had to do everything in my power not to cry and scream on the phone with my new supervisor but she was well aware of how excited and happy I was to have been offered the position.

At the time of the offer I was working for Massage Envy and starting to feel like that is not where I wanted to be. I’ve always loved giving facials and working with customers of that nature but I had been mislead about the pay and the focus of Massage Envy was not to provide customized facials it was to make the most amount of money as possible. When I started to realize this I lost my desire for wanting to go to work. Then I learned about a book that opened my whole world up! One of the massage therapists had a book called ThetaHealing and let me read it while I didn’t have any clients. Because I was so new to the use of healing stones and crystals I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with information. At the time I was also reading the expanded version of the Kabra Negast and I wanted to read some books we had in a certain order. With that being said, I only allowed myself to read one chapter. The chapter I chose was a chapter on guardian angels. And when I read I felt a truth in me bubble up that I couldn’t ignore. I felt called to read this book. A few days later my husband received an Amazon gift card for his birthday and after purchasing some items for himself he purchased the book for me. (Sigh) That amazing man I married!

I learned that ThetaHealing is a method of instant healing for anything. Seeing all this information open up in front of my face and work through my life there was no way I didn’t feel called to heal when I was offered the job at the Medical Library. During my interview I was told that they had a new collection of indigenous medicine books and then I learned that we get free course credits when we work for the school. This was another big issue I had been struggling with. I know I don’t get knowledge from only school but I have always wanted to have some sort of degree. How could I see all this unfolding in my life and not think that Jah set all this up perfectly for me to be a healer for him?! I do! I’m on my way to beginning courses at the college soon, my husband and I should be buying a house and new car soon, and my parents have offered to fly us back to California for my sister’s housewarming party. I’ve never felt like I’ve had such a clear vision of my purpose in life until now.

The Lion Comes to Life

Last night I pulled the first healing crystal that I touched out of my deep, red velvet purse before I went to sleep. I felt the rigid edge of a long, bumpy stone and knew that it was Amber. Most times when I pick out a stone in this manner I’ll look up my research of the stone and it’s qualities so I understand the reason why I came across that stone, but last night was different. My husband and I had just come home from a 2-hour emergency call and were getting ready to get to bed. So I grabbed the stone, my phone, my charger and threw them all down on my pillow while I got ready. While I was getting ready I was trying to think of how I was going to use the stone? Should I put it under my pillow? Should I put it above my pillow? Should I hold it?

When I finally laid down, I still hadn’t decided what I was going to do with the stone but when we finally shut off the lights my left hand slid up underneath my pillow to assume the regular position of supporting my head, and my hand just grabbed the Amber. When I grabbed it I was almost positive that when I woke up it wouldn’t be in my hand.

While I slept I dreamt of being underwater with a lion floating in front and above me, looking lifeless. Then I saw lightning shoot across the sky from under the water, heard a huge rumble of thunder and in that very second the rumble cracked, the lion came to life, and an enormous roar came from her! At that same exact moment, I felt a surge of life run through me and I began to wake up out of my sleep. When I finally woke up I felt the Amber still in my hand.

lion water

My very first thought was that the lion was me. But since I’ve been studying the Kabra Negast to get a deeper overstanding of rasta beliefs and history, I’ve come to overstand the symbolism behind the lion. The Conquering Lion of Judah is the light of life, Zion, heaven. Once again I doubted what God was trying to show me about my purpose for this life. I put off researching because I knew I had some online training to do and later spoke with my Reiki Master. When I told her about my dream she explained to me that the lion symbolizes sun, gold, group, and family. Then she told me that water symbolized emotions. Then she told me that lightning symbolizes the power to bring to life and thunder, shock and cause to be awake or aware. Then she delivered a quick blow of reality and revelation to me. She told me,


“You said you were under water looking at the lifeless lion right? You do realize that you are that lion and being underwater symbolizes that you are under a great deal of emotional overload.”

She then asked me if I felt like I was under a lot of emotional stress and although at the time I had the dream I assumed that I was not feeling a lot of things, I was. Yesterday I was expecting a call about an interview/job I wanted very badly and I’ve been trying not to worry about some other personal issues we are dealing with. The call didn’t come through yesterday but something told me I just needed to be patient. Overall she revealed to me that I had a vision. Although these are not her exact words, they are my divine overstanding of my dream last night. I felt the surge of energy from the lightning and thunder through my entire body and at that very moment I felt a change run through me and I felt ALIVE when I woke up!

To top it off, I got a call from the job I wanted so bad and I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! And now that I know the lion in my dream was me, I was given an undeniable surge of purpose for a reason! After finding out I got the job I know this means that this lioness is on her way to rising to life!

Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

My strongest memory of a heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness is when a huge lie was discovered. What caused the adrenaline was the fact that I was attempting to cover up a lie. The adrenaline was justified but I was still wrong. I responded with honesty and disappointment. Honesty because I had already hurt the one person that loved me the most I wasn’t able to sit there and lie when there was proof. Disappointment because I was thinking only of myself and letting revenge and old heart breaks overcome my morals and common sense.

Although this was a time in which I failed, let myself down, and hurt the love of my life I was set free. Free from the bondage of sin and lying. Free to love unconditionally and let the wounds heal with love. I became a better person from falling. By getting up from breaking and being broken I was humbled and reminded of a motto I’ve sworn I lived by until the day I was actually tested and failed,

I’ll always be real with you as long as you are real with me.

A short simple statement that carried much more weight than I expected could have never changed my life in the way that it did.


God’s Presence During the Transition of Seasons

The holidays are usually a time filled with happiness and cheer. But what happens when everyone seems so wrapped up in themselves that they don’t have time to even think about you? For me, I got angry, flustered, frustrated and hurt.

Last night I talked to my mom and found out that our entire Christmas Eve and Christmas rituals have changed because my parents are spending them working on my sister’s house. I found out that one of aunt’s is hosting the tamale making this Saturday instead of on Christmas Eve like we’ve always done. Then to make it even sweeter she’s not hosting it at her house, everyone is going to be at my parents house. I’m not even going to get into how selfish that is to me because I might not be able to stop myself. The cherry on top to this news was when I realized I was hearing this Thursday evening, two days before the function, and when my mom told me that my aunt sent an e-mail out that I never got.

Then I found out that my dad‘s side of the family is changing our yearly Christmas dinner and cake to an 11 a.m. session in Pasadena, CA. This automatically created conflict inside me because I hardly get to see my dad’s side of the family and I really do look forward to those dinners. To make matters worse, my mom’s side always does pan dulce (sweet bread), champurado, hot chocolate, waffles, pancakes… BREAKFAST and gifts in the morning; and this year it’s going to be at my parents house.

Honestly, I raved, ranted and complained for a while before sitting down and realizing that something my dad suggested to my husband is coming true. A few months ago when we broke the news to my parents that we were going to be moving to Colorado my dad suggested to my husband that I should stay away from the family this holiday so I can get a “taste” of what Colorado is going to be like. At the time, I was enraged at the implication that I was unable to be without my family.

When the first talk of moving to another country or state came up I felt this fear of being away from my family. But more importantly, away from my younger cousins. Most of them on my mom’s side have grown up seeing me on almost a daily and weekly basis and now they aren’t going to be able to see me at all. That choked me up for a while. But what got me past it was that my husband and I are our own family and the main reason this move even got into our heads is because we are preparing for a family! We’ve been wanting to get pregnant since we got married and it hasn’t happened yet so we know that there are things we need to improve and change in our lives before we’re ready to bring a life into the world.

Back to my dad. My second thought was to give him a taste of what he wanted but not in a submissive way, in a challenging way. And I could feel in my heart that my intentions were bad so I didn’t pull away and stay away from the family like he suggested. However, over the past couple of months my husband and I have been planning and researching for the move and have noticed we’ve spent less time with my family. Now I hear this information and after I calmed down I could feel the Lord pulling on my heart. I knew this was His work. My dad might have been right but My Father in Heaven is doing the pulling, not me. My family isn’t the one causing the breaking away.. God is.

Furthermore, in this way my husband and I are given the ball in the playing field of family connection. Since we won’t be seeing everybody for the last two, big holidays before we leave to Colorado I feel it’s on us to make an honest attempt to contact, communicate and hopefully meet up with the family we didn’t get to see and pray that the effort is returned.

The Lord truly is alive in our lives during this season and although the atmosphere might be feeling cold… I feel warmth from where He burns in my soul!!