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Settling the Topic of Cannabis Research, the US Government

Although over the last 8-10 years, cannabis is slowly being decriminalized at the state level, we still have a MAJOR battle to win when it comes to the reclassification of it at the Federal level. This morning I woke up to an article that talked about Jeff Sessions possibly indicating that he felt marijuana has some medical purposes and would soon be allowing more research on the plant. MORE RESEARCH.

Now, where was the need for all this research in the 1960’s and prior when doctor’s were prescribing heroin, cocaine, CANNABIS, and mushrooms to people? What happened to THAT research? Why are current drugs being allowed on the market in 2018 that is almost the exact same chemical makeup as heroin, cocaine, meth, etc.? The same drugs that civilians are being put in jail for are the same ones America’s “doctors” are prescribing to people to get them addicted and keep feeding their money machine. Sickening!

cannabis egypt

What I really want to talk about today, is the fact that cannabis has been around and revered as a spiritual and healing element since before the US Government was event an idea!

cannabis china.jpg

Let’s not forget that when colonizers from European countries finally landed on this sacred land we now call “America” and “Mexico” that our sacred books about plants and natural healing, the ORIGINAL WAYS of our people, were stolen and burned. Let’s not forget that our warrior and healer ancestors were raped and murdered for non-compliance to this new regime of monsters that took our land, our history and forced those that survived to COMPLY or DIE. Let’s not forget that there are sacred and holy books that have been stolen from Ethiopia that are CURRENTLY in the possession of European governments. Holy books that reveal the truth that extends past the Bible we know today, truth that would set us free from accepting what this corrupt government has tricked some of us into believing is truth from the Creator, truth that would cause us all to stand up, UNITE and FIGHT together!

Colonization of Sacred Land

Had the colonizers, rapists and murderers that came to THIS LAND from European countries not burned all our sacred & holy books, Mr. Jeff Sessions, and the United States Government, would have all the HISTORICAL DATA and RESEARCH they need to know that classifying this PLANT right along side drugs that are made of chemical cleaners is a complete joke. Maybe YOUR people shouldn’t have burned and disposed of all the HISTORICAL RESEARCH that was available to us all when you invaded our sacred lands. Just MAYBE right?! lol

The moral of today’s message…. LET US NOT FORGET!!!


Reap the Rewards of Greed

Since I’ve been considered an adult (18 years old) I’ve run into unfair treatment everywhere; work, home, streets, and private entities. After nine years of always coming up short when attempting to get up off the ground, I believe I’ve finally experienced an obvious outcome of greed in my own life.

Yesterday we had the chance to take someone to small claims court for running a red light and hitting us two years ago. We received a settlement offer before we took them to court and declined because we were misinformed by our lawyer about a majority of the details of the case. As I stood in front of the judge after hearing that he determined we were not at fault for the accident and heard how much he was rewarding us, my heart dropped. It’s not even enough to cover our lawyer fees. Despite the victory, I felt like we had lost again. That’s when I realized that we were being greedy.

Yes, we wanted to have someone determine this lady was at fault and that in fact her light was red but we wanted more money for everything we’ve lost as a result of that accident too. “How selfish!” I thought to myself in that splitting second. We got what we wanted but because the amount wasn’t what we wanted I was sad?! I hung my head in shame for a few seconds to ask God for forgiveness.

It hasn’t been easy to get over, once we saw where the miscommunication hurt us. Personally, I think we were trying to hit the jugular with this case because we’ve lost every other battle along the way. But that’s just it; it’s not meant for us to win every battle here on this earth. I’ve been in constant prayer all day, when I start to think about it and get angry. Not saying it’s easy but I’m going to be doing more active work on getting my heart and mind right with God. It’s a necessity, not a choice.

Bearing My Heart to the World

On March 27, 2012 my life changed forever; I married Daniel D. Mooney. I decided to start blogging because my husband and I have decided to follow the message we believe the Lord is showing us and move to Colorado. Daniel and I come from completely different backgrounds. He grew up in the hood streets surrounding USC and was born in Watts, CA. I was born in Hollywood, CA but grew up in Unincorporated Whittier, CA. I could go on and on listing all the differences in our upbringing, values, and our “politically correct” ethnicities but the truth of the story is that ALL those differences were the perfect glue for two broken hearts.

I met Daniel on Twitter. A fact that I made sure to keep from my parents during the first 4 weeks we dated. Things moved relatively fast and I moved in with him after about 6-8 weeks of knowing each other. We fought, cheated, lied, and got baptized together in 2010. Since then we’ve both felt like we were searching for something more, better companies to work for, better schools to go to, better cities to live in. Now we live in West Covina, CA and Daniel is unemployed due to being hurt while working for LAUSD and I work full-time for Los Angeles County, as I have for the past 7 years. And about 2 months ago we started talking about moving to another state, moving to other cities in California, even moving to another country like Canada. And about 2 weeks ago we decided to start saving and making plans to move to Colorado.

For most people who know us this was a shock but only because we decided to keep the conversation and decision between us only. At the same time, I know my parents, and I knew they were going to have TONS of questions to see how much thought we put into this “relocation”. So I started to put together a “Relocation Plan” to cover every questions, aspect of data or research, etc. imaginable to show my parents that we were serious about this. So I spent an entire week researching cost of living, unemployment rates, applying to jobs, researching house prices, talking to real estate agents and lenders… THE WORKS! Even put together a Finance Tracker in Excel to track our spending and savings.

As of today we’ve told my parents and are planning a road trip to Colorado for my birthday in November!!! We’re going to be looking at some of the areas we want to live in, try to fit in some interviews, and visit as much of the surrounding areas to Fort Collins, CO as possible.

My main reason for starting this post now is because I’m thinking about children, legacy, family and life lessons. There have been sometimes that I have thought about or seen pictures of great or great great grandparents and I wish I knew what they went through in life. I don’t want to leave my family, children, or grandchildren without leaving a part of me behind.. and I pray that my words can guide their decisions some day. I want them to see and feel my struggles, learn from my mistakes, heartbreaks, faith, and dilemmas.