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Ass All Out

Have you ever gone somewhere new thinking you were well enough equipped to handle whatever might come along? I had somewhat of an idea what moving out of the city meant but I wasn’t completely ready for the huge shift we were taking on when we moved to New Mexico. There’s something different about using the restroom outside, squatting and feeling nothing but fresh air when you step out of the shower! It’s a different feeling to be so close to Mother Earth, feeling undisturbed dirt and sand between my toes and cold mountain air when I step outside is life-giving and challenging at the same time.

I’ve tripped over rocks, fell down the back of a trailer, moved hay bails (which for some reason I keep calling barrels lmao!), walked down the road in the middle of the night and heard coyotes sounding off all around me… And all I can say is, it’s been crazy! Since 2005 I’ve been putting myself into situations that I haven’t been exposed to and it’s been helping me to understand different types of people. I’ve experienced people who society would label as “bad” and experience relationships with them that have been life saving and changing in my journey. Gradually I’ve been leaning more toward experiencing life in a balanced way.

A few years ago I got a birth chart reading from my Reiki Master and I’ve been learning more and more about myself each year I continue to study it. Since I was young I’ve heard myself say things in my head that my filter has been like “That’s a pretty crazy and kind of dark thought for someone your age.” I’m also a heavy Scorpio all throughout my chart. A sign ruled by water, emotions and the power to destroy and create. I wasn’t ready to accept who I was for a long time but I’m there now and I’m unapologetic.

I’ve been there for and supported people who didn’t really love me most of my young adult life, I’m capable of giving until I’m spent and inflated. I’m also capable of hurting some feelings, I’ve got a sharp tongue and a tough spirit that won’t back down for the things I love and the people I care for. For the last few years I’ve been learning how to balance out that extreme love and anger. For a year or two I thought the answer was changing my mindset to always shift to positive when “bad” things happened. It helped but it didn’t honor who I was inside and I still hadn’t learned to balance.

Balance, balance, balance and balance is what my ancestors have been spiritually beating into me for the last decade… I JUST realized it lol. So that’s where I’m at… In a situation totally out of my comfort zone, setting the foundation for people I might not have even met yet and balancing my love and anger just enough to achieve the balance I need to be my best self for my high purpose journey on this Earth. I’m about to show yall what balance is hahaha!



The Blossoming of Zion Affinity

We’ve fallen in love with everything about our lives since we moved from California to Colorado in 2013. In 2013, shortly after we got married, we decided to migrate to Colorado, a place where we had no family, friends or connections. Colorado is where we found out first home together, we founded Zion Glory Herbal Healing LLP after closing Beauty for Pleasure, we discovered and dove into the beliefs & history of RasTafari and started traveling. Since we met in 2010 we’ve been on a deep journey of self discovery. When we met, we both knew we weren’t just “Black” or just “Mexican” and the idea of everyone being mixed with different backgrounds and genealogy resonated with us both very deeply. Los Angeles didn’t feel like the best place to be for us, seeing so much division among all different ethnicities and cultures, even the division within our own families made it hard for us to discover ourselves. So we made the shift to Colorado to start our new life together fresh. We found ourselves reasoning with a diverse array of people in Colorado and our life mission and soul purpose became evident… Bridging the gap between divided people.

Zion Affinity grew out of our search and overstanding of genetics and ancestry, our desire to assist people love those around them regardless of background or beliefs, and the recognition that so much of what is wrong with our society is the division. That was something Daniel and I have had in common since the day we met. We had both grown tired of people labeling us as “Black” or “Mexican” when we knew there was so much more to us than those labels, so much lost history, so much division and a lack of understanding of ourselves. Since we met in 2010 we’ve been doing our best to live out what’s in our hearts on this Earth.

Although there are tons of things we love about Colorado, we had to heed the call we were receiving and the redirection back to the focus that led us out to Colorado in the first place. Besides gaining a deeper overstanding of ourselves we left California in search of a huge, remote property that we could grow our own food at and live closer to the land, away from the city life we’ve known all our lives. Along our journey together we’ve learned that sometimes there are stops along the route you don’t expect or plan for but the soil is fertile and necessary for our growth. That’s exactly what we needed to realize, that our vision was directly in line with our higher purpose but we hadn’t dreamed large enough just yet.

Over the last 2 years we’ve planned for a piece of property only our souls could see and in June 2017 we found it! A year ago we were looking at a map identifying protective geographical lines around the world and we traced one directly through this land. We both said “Wouldn’t this be perfect if we could find like like right there?!” In May we sold our first home and went looking in New Mexico because we’d been receiving messages that we needed to be there. We went looking for a 20 acre plot that the agent wasn’t able to find, walked away with 65 acres!!!


The most common first question we get asked when people hear about our land is “What are you going to do with all that land!?” Build it up of course! There’s no structures on it, the land is 100% raw! Our vision is a community of unity where people of all backgrounds, ancestry and belief systems can live together and support each other in our individual and collective healing; while simultaneously planting herbs, food and plants that will help to revive and give back to Mother Earth!

Zion Affinity!

We’ve been familiarizing ourselves with the land, laying out the plans and setting the foundations for all the growth, and do we have some stories to tell!! We’re looking forward to sharing them with everyone who attends our first upcoming event at the property and slowly over our upcoming YouTube videos! For those of you that are interested in living on the land with us in New Mexico we’ll begin accepting applications in August! Send us an email at zionunitytribe@gmail.com and we’ll be sure to send you information regarding the process and the application when it becomes available!

We’ve also set up a GoFund.me for anyone interested in donating to our soul mission. All funds will be used to set up the community land, camp grounds, crops and much more we’ll be offering! Anything, even sharing this blog or campaign helps more than you know!




Wrap Up 2012, Foreword to 2013

I’m so happy to finally be back on here writing again. Sad to say that I’ve let the opinions and indirect negative comments from people in my family keep me from writing, again. And even though it hurts me, it sets up a great challenge for me to face as a writer for the upcoming year. The day after Christmas my husband bought me this book, Your First Novel by Ann Rittenberg and Laura Whitcomb. In the forward written by Dennis Lehane this compilation of words slapped me out of my depression,

You should write because you can’t not write. You should write because some stray scrap of your soul is trying to manifest itself verbally. You should write because story is your preferred method by which to make order out of the chaos we call existence. You should write because even though the process terrifies you, the absence of that process terrifies you more.

This spoke volumes to me. When I got to the last word I felt like an enormous powerful dragon awoke inside me and was ready to slice through anything in its path. This is what I was made for.

The other day I was confronted by my mother about complaints she got about something that was supposedly posted on Facebook. For 2013 I’ve decided to drastically diminish the use of this site, mainly because it is nothing but drama and snoops. When I heard the complaint I knew it was something someone read on one of my blog posts. Sadly, I was asked to filter myself again. I was asked not to write certain things on certain sites…. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I finally told my parents what I feel like when they ask me to do this, being that this is not the first or second time they have scolded me for this. Bear in mind that I am 27 years old and living with my husband.

The rise of my true self didn’t come out as I expected. For months I’ve been secretly dreading the moment in which that monster was unleashed and to whom it would unleash on, unfortunately it was my parents. Fortunately, the beast was nothing more than a hurt child. Before I knew it tears were welling up in my eyes, my nose started burning and I started to feel my bottom lip tremble, again. Next thing I knew, these words came out of my mouth.

I’m not going to not write what I feel like! Have you ever taken the time to think about what it’s like to not be able to write down my emotions, write what I’m feeling and write what I can’t express in other ways. I can’t even put a pen to paper without worrying who is going to judge me or not like what I say. Do you have any idea what that feels like!!!? And if someone has a problem with my emotions, my opinions or what I write on whatever site I decide to write it on, they need to bring that to me! Am I not an adult? I don’t need people to go through you because they don’t like something I do, they need to bring that to me if we’re all going to be adults about it!

That was the release. Because later on I realized, while talking to my husband, that I’ve been filtering myself on paper since the day my parents read my journal and found out I had smoked a Black & Mild (mini cigar). We all see it in movies and laugh at it when children blow up over a lack of “privacy” but that day is embedded in my mind. I remember feeling betrayed, not trusted, invaded, embarrassed. Each timed something in my life happened as a result of my own written words I’ve drawn back from writing. And I’ve been sad. I didn’t realize until yesterday that each time I’ve stopped writing then started again I’ve felt alive, free, and at ease with my thoughts and feelings. There is something therapeutic about writing anything to me.

This roller coaster of emotions stops tonight. After deep and careful thought, reading friends New Year’s resolutions, praying and talking to my husband I’ve come up with the following goals for 2013 (I’ve decided not to make resolutions because I’m not doing anything temporarily I’m making a permanent change for as long as God wants):

  • I will study my Bible daily.
  • I will make and maintain a writing schedule for myself.
  • I will have a completed manuscript by the end of the year.
  • I will move to Colorado and establish a new life.
  • I will read constantly and review.
  • I will establish and maintain a healthy regime.
  • I will not be afraid to me myself.

I look forward to spending the night bringing in the New Year with my husband and planning our family goals for 2013. Please stay smart and safe where ever you are reading this blog tonight.

One Love, The Mooney’s.

Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited – The Archangel Gabriel

Today’s Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited caught my eye while I took a quick break from writing out holiday cards to check today’s blog posts. I saw some other posts and almost wrote about something safe, instead I’m going to write about something real. Here is the challenge:

What is your earliest memory? Describe it in detail, and tell us why you think that experience was the one to stick with you.

My very first memory of my childhood isn’t something that I should be putting on the internet without the permission of the people it involves, so instead I’m going to write about my 2nd memory. My grandmother, Lilia, used to have a house in East Los Angeles. I remember being around 3-4 years old and sleeping over, which was usual. I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom. I distinctively remember looking at a pair of shoes I had laying next to my sleeping bag and thinking that I should put them on but I didn’t.

I walked down what seemed like a very long hallway. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something to my right side that looked like it was floating next to me as I walked. I remember thinking that I would act like I didn’t see it, turn around, put my shoes on, then step on its tail. I thought tail because I remembered seeing this apparatus flowing behind the figure that was about 5-7 inches off the ground. When I went back to the hallway I saw the figure show up on my right side again, I slowed down, stopped, then slammed my foot down on top of what I thought was the tail. When I saw my foot went right through I stopped and looked up.

I asked the figure who it was and he responded “Gabriel”. I calmly told him he could not be Gabriel because “Gabriel is over there”, as I pointed to my uncle that lay asleep no more than 10 feet away from me. The figure told me that he was my guardian angel, the Archangel Gabriel.

The Archangel Gabriel
The Archangel Gabriel

I remember a sense of protection and security falling over me as I turned and walked away. Just as a precaution I stopped by my Uncle Gabriel and made sure he was still there, then proceeded to the bathroom then back to bed.

It took me a long time to ever be able to tell anyone this until I was over 18 years old. Thank you WordPress for the Daily Prompt. I hope that this post inspires someone out there to dare to believe in something that seems super natural. Because there is a Heaven and there is a Hell, which means there are angels and demons. It wasn’t until I finally shared this experience with people did I realize that the Lord was telling me He had a purpose for me at such a young age. That spoke volumes to my personal and spiritual growth.



Pave Your Own Path

As November winds down and December marks the end of 2012, it’s inevitable that we reflect on everything and everyone 2012 has brought and taken from us. But this year as everyone else concocts their “New Year’s Resolution”, my husband and I will be planning our move to Colorado. Which we now understand is a necessity; if not for any other reason than to pave our own path.

Coming from a family who was a bit more “well off” than most middle class citizens, I’ve had an interesting release to the world. Now I can see that I was struggling for much more than to be my own person; I was struggling to create my own path in life. Praise God, that the Lord saw fit for me to find a husband and put him in that path. The fact that blows my spirit even more is that while I was pacing this white picket fence around my life planning an escape, my husband was fighting off wolves in an attempt to remain the loving, good-hearted man that he is. And in the midst of loving and losing, trusting and having our hearts broken, we both still had enough love left in us to get us to where we are now.

To the Mooney’s, our move and plans for 2013 isn’t a choice; its more than a necessity, it’s a mission for God. We were smart enough to listen to His message when He wanted us to marry and now we realize that the only way we can set the Mooney name back on the right path is to be away from everything we came up around and show our children how these Mooney’s have chosen to leave a path for those that will come after us. Our family has become an obsessive priority that might be rubbing people wrong but it’s right. I might not be a mother yet but I have every right in the world to do what is necessary to set up a better life for  our family; I will exercise that right.

Now I challenge each and everyone that is reading this blog. Instead of making a New Years Resolution make a plan; a plan to pave your own path in 2013.