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Reaching the Limit

There are times all through life,

We feel our limit has been met.

I’ve been at this crossing so often,

It’s a benefit to never forget.

I don’t forget the days,

I didn’t have the strength.

Days I couldn’t fake a smile, I hurt so much,

I could almost faint.  


I remember the times

I thought all my will was gone.

Remember the times I laughed,

When people told me I was strong.

Because would they still say that,

If they saw me here crying?

Would they still feel the same,

If they knew I welcomed the thought of dying?


That space completely blinds me,

Where I can’t see or create anything ahead.

My energy is drained, spirit crushed,

Any and all positivity is dead.

Because I’m in my head,

And not in my heart.

I let the stress manifest,

And it breaks me apart.


The key is to remember,

The days that limit broke,

I found the strength to go on,

My spirit stopped being choked.

Sounds like a joke,

But we must remember both.

The days it rained,

The days it shined.

The memory of breaking free,

From the limits that confined.


Copyright June 2018
-IxChel Tonantzin-


I never find words to describe,

The excitement I feel inside.

It’s nothing like I’ve ever known;

Leave everything I know,

To establish a new home.

I look at my husband,

In total amazement.

Never thought I was worthy,

Of a life so amazin.

We’ve experienced so many new things,

Another first for us both.

We’ve left old lovers,

Fought for each other,

And watched the other grow.

Now this new milestone,

Like a chance for a new life.

New things to be discovered,

After finally being made a wife!

The Lord is showing me His blessings,

As we make better decisions.

And this move to Colorado,

Is in response to His Vision.

Its hard to explain,

To people who don’t want to understand you.

Its easy to maintain,

With someone you know wont abandon you.

After all the gloomy days,

My husband has brought light to.

There’s no doubt in my mind,

That together we’re making the right move.