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Friends & Lessons

I really feel like the term “friend” is used entirely too loosely. Throughout my journey I’ve gone through so many different phases of “friends”. There was a phase when I wanted anyone to be my friend, I wanted more popular friends, I wanted friends that partied. Then I wanted friends that had connections & knew certain people in the beauty industry. Looking back at the person I’ve been growing to be and who I truly consider friends now, I can see how far I’ve come on my journey.

I was extremely insecure as a child & through my adolescent years. I had people I hung out with in grade school but they didn’t fit into societies definition of what beautiful & intriguing were. So the first sign of someone from the “popular group” talking to me I instantly ditched the people who had spent time with me & loved me for who I was. Fast forward 23 years and I only speak to ONE person from that “popular group”. No one that I tried to build a relationship with from that “popular group” made an effort to be in my life or see me all through high school. Even now, I see pictures of them all hanging out and watching eachother’s children grow up, no one makes an attempt to reach out to me or talk to me.

Over the last 5 years I’ve had my own spiritual awakening & shot out of the ground I buried myself in for the last 20+ years. I stopped pouring my energy into people that didn’t make any effort to hold a connection with me. I’ve come to learn that friendships are just like plants. They need to be cared for in the same way a plant does! Stop watering a plant and it dies. Stop giving it sun and it dies. Friendship is a 2 way street just like any other relationship! I’ve learned to stop watering plants alone.

My definition of the friendships I now want in my life are so deep that a limited number of people meet the criteria. I know this can start to sound like I’m full of ego but what I know about myself is that I love deeply, that’s part of the Scorpio in me. I can love so deeply that I’ll carry the burdens of those I love, look for a solution and support most people through almost anything with everything I have access to. I’ve come to learn that when you can love with a capacity like that, you HAVE to be selective with the energy you give to people. Giving that much energy and love to people who have no problem taking and taking will drain me and my love too quickly.

Moral of the story, pay attention to the definition of friendship you live your life by & adjust accordingly.



Daily Prompt: A Letter to My Hero!

I’m absolutely LOVING these weekend prompts! Daily Prompt: My Hero!

Dear God,

You’ve always had your eyes and blessings on my life. There have been so many times in my life that I questioned everything you do but I didn’t know you then. I didn’t know how truly free you allow us to be until I hurt myself over and over; each time you were there to pick up the pieces, tend to my wounds, and show me how to live again. All the times I strayed from you after I knew this you could have easily discarded me but you didn’t. Your love is the strongest love I’ve ever know because your love seeks me out to thrive. By loving me you are fulfilled and you knew that when I finally understood that I would know how much purpose you have for my life and everything I touch.

I owe my life to you because you gave your life to me. I will struggle each day to live my life for you because I know that I can never repay you for the sacrifices you’ve made and will continue to make for me. Through me and my family I want the world to know how amazing you are.

I love you,