Zion Glory: The Company

Zion Glory, the company, was established in 2012 when my husband and I decided that our home state, California, was cutting it in terms of our personal and business growth. We left our family and friends and migrated to a place where we had no connections to start brand new after we got married. We had a whole string of beautiful “firsts” after going to Colorado; we bought our first home, sold our first home, vended for the first time and traveled to new states to name a few. After shifting out of that phase we could clearly see that Colorado was a step in our journey that helped us stand firm in what we already knew what was in our hearts since we left California.

Part of the messages we received in Colorado was geared toward New Mexico and we weren’t completely sure. We both ignored so many signs that told us to leave Colorado until we realized we were seeing the same energy that pushed us out of California. So we listened and started planning the shift we’re currently in to a whole new focus of Zion Glory.

Zion Glory started as and remains a natural wellness company that makes our own herbal and spiritual tools.

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